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The Story of Mama the Opossum

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The Courageous Story of Mama Opossum

"I think that my favorite animal is a baby Opossum, or a joey. The face of a really little joey is so devine-so so gorgeous” Mem Fox

Please enjoy our first Story of the most Courageous Opossum named Mama

Mama came to us with severe injuries after being clipped by a car. Unfortunately surgery was not an option due to her fragile state, and pouch full of babies. She was beyond courageous, and in my experience marsupial mamas give every last breath to keep their babies alive. So everyday we cleaned her wounds, maintained her diet, and monitored her babies. As her babies grew so did her strength. She eventually healed although her little jaw was a bit different she was cute as ever. I was amazed by her strength as a petite little Opossum. She was a great mama and her babies were incredibly healthy. Once they were weaned she tended to them as needed and they all looked so adorable cuddled together. Then a couple of weeks later we got another mama in. This mama was not so ahem motherly, and wanted nothing to do with us humans. So Mama number two was kept in her own cozy enclosure as to reduce her stress. Mama number two had a pretty bad injury to her back left haunch and we were holding off treatment as she had that much full of babies. Enter Mama! She was still completely engorged so we got an idea. Mama two had been leaving her babies in random spots and we began to worry. So we removed the babies and put them in with Mama! She took them in right away. All of Mama two’s babies latched with the exception of one that we will tell you about later. So with Mama two baby free we were able to administer antibiotics. Thanks to our precious two time hero Mama! Mama number two’s story coming soon! Check back for her interesting & Surprising story!

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