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A few benefits of the Opossum

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

“Every creature has a place in this world not matter how small”

In this blog we will list basic things that make the Opossum Awesome!

We must Coexist with the Opossum. They do more good than you know.

  • The opossum is part of the Earth's oldest surviving mammal family. Fossils have been found from up to 70 million years ago!

  • Contrary to belief Opossums do not hang from their tails, but use them for stability when climbing.

  • Opossums eat up to 5000 Ticks per year per Opossum! That can help reduce our chances of getting Lime Disease! Yay Opossums!

  • Opossums are 99% immune to rabies because their body temperature is generally too low to incubate the virus.

  • Opossums often get blamed for digging up yards. Their soft little paws do not have the power to dig. They may do some foraging but they don't dig enough to cause damage. Most holes are dug by animals such as Foxes, Skunks, Chipmunks, or Raccoons.

  • Opossums also have superpowers against snakes. They have partial or total immunity to the venom produced by rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and other pit vipers. So they are definitely a great creature to have in your yard!

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