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We are dedicated to saving & creating a Documentary on the Awesome Opossum. 

Documentary News! 

We have just booked some of our last interviews for the Documentary, and are in the beginning stages of planning our official premier party. Stay tuned for updates & blogs on our progress! 

Benefits of the 
Awesome Opossum

Opossums eat up to 5000 ticks per year! How amazing is that? Could you imagine what the planet would be like if they were not helping minimize the number of ticks?

Needed Supplies

We always need towels, syringes, fox valley formula, Stretchy wrap, gauze, Saline, Cat Vitamins, Taurine, Miracle nipples. We have a wishlist available on amazon. 

Proper Diet

The Opossum is an omnivore, eating whatever is available, such as fruits, berries, insects, reptiles, amphibians, smaller mammals, carrion and garbage.

Community involvement

At Opossum Nation we are passionate not only about Opossums but all of our furry & Feathered friends. If we have something our neighboring rehab center needs we share when we can. We also volunteer for other events benefitting animals. 

How to pick a good Release location. 

A proper release point will have access to water, fruit trees, houses for trash, and great places to hide. 

Our Friends

We have friends that also save various animals and birds & attend their events as well. Sometimes we even dress up as a skunk ape for animal parades! 

Our Patients

Tree Stump


Help us Help Local Wildlife!

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