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Broken Trunk

Opossum Nation

We are on a mission to tell the world about the Awesome Opossum. This page is dedicated to our upcoming Documentary & our efforts to save as many of these amazing animals as possible. Any donation will go towards the making of our film, and to supplies and land for future rehab work. Thank you for your support!


Our mission is to spread the word about these amazing and resilient animals. They do so much for us, and the health of our ecosystem. From eating ticks to chasing away snakes these marvelous marsupials have got us covered!


Follow us for teasers on our Upcoming Documentary or on any of our social sites for updates on our film or our new patients! Just click the icons. 

Want to help? You can donate on our Fundly account or send us a care package from our Amazon wishlist. We can never have too many supplies as we also help out other area rehabbers when we can! 

Let's work together to help these wonderful animals! 


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